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Created in part to cater to the "Yellow Peril" hysteria of the time, the insidious Dr. Fu Manchu appeared in a series of novels by British author Sax Rohmer from 1913 to 1959. The character caught the interest of the reading public and has been featured extensively in cinema, television, radio, and comics for over 100 years. Fu Manchu has become an archetypical evil criminal genius.

Very popular in print, it wasn't long before film versions came along. First up was a silent 1923 UK serial, "The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu", quickly followed in 1924 by "The Further Mysteries of Dr. Fu Manchu", both by Stoll Picture Productions and starring H. Agar Lyons as Fu Manchu .

Hollywood beckoned and the franchise moved to the United States with Paramount's 1929 talkie, "The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu" with Warner Oland as Fu Manchu. The film proved popular and was followed the next year with "The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu" and "Daughter of the Dragon", again with Warner Oland as Fu Manchu, the latter featuring Anna May Wong as the titular offspring. Paramount wrapped up the series in 1932 with "The Mask of Fu Manchu" starring Boris Karloff as the insidious Fu Manchu and Myrna Loy as his wicked daughter.

In 1940 Republic released a 15 part serial, "Drums of Fu Manchu", later edited and released as a feature film in 1943.

In 1956 a syndicated 13 episode series, "The Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu", was produced by the Republic Pictures subsidiary, Hollywood Television Service.

The franchise was resurrected with 1965's Seven Arts Pictures production "The Face of Fu Manchu", which starred Christopher Lee as Fu Manchu. Lee starred in four more Fu Manchu films, culminating with 1969's "The Castle of Fu Manchu".

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Chinese Dragon
Who's Who
  • Dr. Fu Manchu
    In the early books, Fu Manchu is an agent of the secret society, the Si-Fan and acts as the mastermind behind a wave of assassinations targeting Western imperialists. In later books, he vies for control of the Si-Fan which is more concerned with routing Fascist dictators and halting the spread of Communism. The Si-Fan is funded through criminal activities, particularly the drug trade and white slavery. Fu Manchu has extended his already considerable lifespan by use of the elixir vitae, a formula he spent decades trying to perfect. Fu Manchu claims to hold doctorates from four Western universities.

  • Sir Denis Nayland Smith
    In the first three books, Smith is a colonial police commissioner in Burma granted a roving commission which allows him to exercise authority over any group that can help him in his mission. He resembles Sherlock Holmes in physical description and acerbic manner but not in deductive genius. When the series was resumed in the early 1930s, Smith is Assistant Commissioner of Scotland Yard. He later resigns this post and accepts a position with British Intelligence. Several books have him placed on special assignment with the FBI.

  • Dr. Petrie
    Smith's friend who accompanies him on his adventures. Like Dr. Watson in the Sherlock Holmes stories, he narrates the early tales.

  • Kâramančh
    One of Fu Manchu's agents is the "seductively lovely" Kâramančh. Her real name is unknown. She was sold to the Si-Fan by Egyptian slave traders while still a child. She falls in love with Dr. Petrie and rescues him and Smith many times. Eventually the couple are united and she wins her freedom. They marry and have a daughter, Fleurette, who figures in later novels.

  • Fah lo Suee
    Fu Manchu's daughter, Fah lo Suee, is a devious mastermind in her own right, frequently plotting to usurp her father's position in the Si-Fan and aiding his enemies within and outside of the organization. Her real name is unknown; Fah lo Suee was a childhood term of endearment. She was introduced anonymously while still a teenager in the third book in the series and plays a larger role in several of the later titles.

Chinese Dragon
The Books

"The Mystery of Dr. Fu-Manchu" (1913) - For Sale
(US Title: "The Insidious Dr. Fu-Manchu").
London, 1913-the era of Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, and the Invisible Man. A time of shadows, secret societies, and dens filled with opium addicts. Into this world comes the most fantastic emissary of evil society has ever known. Dr. Fu-Manchu.
Denis Nayland Smith pursues his quarry across continents and through the back alleys of London. As victim after victim disappears at the hands of the Devil Doctor, Smith must unravel his murderous plot before it is too late.

"The Return of Dr Fu-Manchu" (1916) - For Sale
(UK Title: "The Devil Doctor")
The insidious doctor returns to Great Britain with his league of assassins, the dreaded Si-Fan. He seeks to subvert the realm at the highest levels, but Fu-Manchu has his own secrets-which he will protect by any means.

"The Hand of Fu Manchu" (1917) - For Sale
(UK Title: "The Si-Fan Mysteries" )
Dr Fu-Manchu is back once again! His very existence seemingly proves him immune from natural laws, a deathless incarnation of evil! And this time the Devil Doctor is not alone. Sir Denis Nayland Smith and his associates learn of a deadly organization that stalks the shadows. Their goal is to undermine the balance of global power and they allow no one to stand in their way. They are the terrorist assassins known as the Si-Fan.

"Daughter of Fu Manchu" (1931) - For Sale
Across the sands of Egypt, Nayland Smith pursues Fah Lo Suee, the deadly daughter of Fu-Manchu. Possessed of all her father's subversive secrets and driven by his unquenchable thirst for power, she has pillaged the tomb of the Black Ape for the key to its ancient mysteries - and therefore leadership over all the evil cults of the East. No one can stop her - except perhaps Fu-Manchu himself!

"The Mask of Fu Manchu" (1932) - For Sale
After discovering the tomb of El Mokanna - the Veiled Prophet - and retrieving the precious relics buried there, the eminent archaeologist Sir Lionel Barton blows up the tomb. The heretic sect faithful to Mokanna interpret the fireball as their prophet's second coming, and a violent uprising begins.
Meanwhile, the insidious Dr. Fu-Manchu senses an opportunity to use the powerful relics for his own evil ends. The action stretches from Persia to Cairo, then back to London, including an extraordinary confrontation inside of the Great Pyramid. Along the way his opponents face Ogboni killers, mind-control drugs, dervishes, and a "ghost mosque."

"The Bride of Fu Manchu" (1933) - For Sale
(original US Title: "Manchu's Bride")
A strange epidemic sweeps the French Riviera - a biological weapon created by Dr. Fu-Manchu. Dr. Petrie is called upon by the French authorities, and when the truth emerges, Denis Nayland-Smith is summoned to help stop his arch-foe before he can succeed in spreading his plague across Europe. As they struggle to contain the horror, Petrie's friend, the botanist Alan Sterling cannot stop thinking of the mysterious Fleurette, unaware that the beautiful girl he chanced upon was raised by the emperor of evil himself, Dr. Fu-Manchu.

"The Trail of Fu Manchu" (1934) - For Sale
Fu-Manchu is trapped, cornered in London and cut-off from his resources, including the elixir vitae that grants him eternal life. But under the Thames, the devil doctor practices the dark art of sorcery, and it will be up to Nayland Smith and Scotland Yard to stop him. But Fu-Manchu may possess the key to victory, when he kidnaps Dr. Petrie's wife, Fleurette!

"President Fu Manchu" (1936) - For Sale
Fu-Manchu journeys to the United States for the first time, and is the power behind a "League of Good Americans" candidate for the presidency. From Niagara Falls to the catacombs of NY's Chinatown, Nayland Smith and federal agent Mark Hepburn seek to stop the Devil Doctor and his plan to assassinate a presidential candidate.

"The Drums of Fu Manchu" (1939) - For Sale
Immediately before World War II, Fu-Manchu decides to kill or control the world's war-mongering dictators, to pave the way for his own plans. The rapid-fire action moves from London to Venice to Paris, and involves various arcane and scientific forms of torture and death.

"The Island of Fu Manchu" (1941) - For Sale
In this thrilling classic, a murder mystery takes Sir Denis Nayland Smith to the heart of Haiti to try and locate Fu-Manchu's secret lair in order to solve the heinous crime. But once there he becomes ensnared in Voodoo and the living dead at the hands of the evil genius!

"The Shadow of Fu Manchu" (1948) - For Sale
World War II has ended. The United States is locked in a Cold War with the Eastern Bloc. It's the time of mutually assured destruction, yet the atomic bomb isn't the only weapon to fear. And the Soviets have another enemy with whom to contend.
Dr. Morris Craig has developed an energy weapon with the potential for unlimited destruction-whoever controls it could tip the balance of global power. The quest for Craig's invention once again brings Fu-Manchu to New York City, his mission to prevent the Communists from acquiring the device. But who can keep it out of the hands of the Devil Doctor himself?

"Re-Enter: Fu Manchu" (1957) - For Sale
(UK Title: "Re-Enter: Dr. Fu Manchu")
The 1950s-the era of the Cold War. The USSR is poised to begin the space race by launching the Sputnik satellite, Mao Zedong rules Communist China, and the greatest global fear is of the atomic bomb.
Missing for nearly a decade, Fu-Manchu re-emerges in an attempt to wrest control of China from the accursed Communists. Nayland Smith pursues his enemy from London to Cairo to New York, determined to end his reign of terror. But there's something amiss with Smith-something his allies need to uncover before it's too late.

"Emperor Fu Manchu" (1959) - For Sale
Rohmer's last novel.
During the Cold War of the 1950s former allies Russia and China turned communist, their threat casting a shadow over the free world. Yet another enemy lurked in the shadows-the deadly secret assassins of the Si Fan, led by.
In remote Northern China, the dead walk again. American agent Tony McKay finds himself face-to-face with these "cold men," zombies who exist to do the bidding of the Devil Doctor. It falls to McKay and Nayland Smith to defeat their eternal foe, and to destroy a biological warfare facility the Russians have hidden deep in the Chinese jungles.

"The Wrath of Fu Manchu" (1973) - For Sale
A posthumous anthology containing the title novella, first published in 1952, and three later short stories:
"The Eyes of Fu Manchu" (1957), "The Word of Fu Manchu" (1958), "The Mind of Fu Manchu" (1959)
This final volume in the Fu-Manchu collection brings together some unpublished manuscripts, and stories which have previously appeared only in magazine form, by the late Sax Rohmer. The long title novella and three others feature the dastardly Dr. Fu-Manchu - and, of course, his unremitting opponent, Sir Denis Nayland Smith. There are eight more stories in this book, no less characteristic of Sax Rohmer's art.

"Ten Years Beyond Baker Street" (1984) - For Sale
The first of two authorised continuation novels by Cay Van Ash, Sax Rohmer's former assistant and biographer. The novel is set in a narrative gap within "The Hand of Fu Manchu" and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes story, "His Last Bow" (both published in 1917). Holmes comes out of retirement to aid Dr Petrie when Nayland Smith is abducted by the Si-Fan.

"The Fires of Fu Manchu" (1987) - For Sale
The second of two authorised continuation novels by Cay Van Ash. The novel is set in 1917 and documents Smith and Petrie's encounter with Fu Manchu during the First World War culminating in Smith's knighthood. A third Van Ash title, "The Seal of Fu Manchu" was underway when Van Ash died in 1994. The incomplete manuscript is believed lost.

"The Terror of Fu Manchu" (2009) - For Sale
The first of three authorised continuation novels by William Patrick Maynard. The novel expands on the continuity established in Van Ash's books and sees Dr Petrie teaming with both Nayland Smith and a Rohmer character from outside the series, Gaston Max, in an adventure set on the eve of the First World War.

"The Destiny of Fu Manchu" (2012) - For Sale
The second of three authorised continuation novels by William Patrick Maynard. The novel is set between Rohmer's "The Drums of Fu Manchu" and "The Island of Fu Manchu" on the eve of the Second World War and follows the continuity established in the author's first novel.

"The Triumph of Fu Manchu" was announced in 2013 but as yet has not been published.
The third of three authorised continuation novels by William Patrick Maynard. The novel was to be set between Rohmer's "The Trail of Fu Manchu" and "President Fu Manchu".

Chinese Dragon
The Films
    Lobby Card for The Mystery Of Dr. Fu Manchu
  • "The Mystery of Dr. Fu Manchu" - Stoll Picture Productions (1923) (UK)
    Series of 15 B&W silent shorts, each with a self-contained story
    Directed by A.E. Coleby
    Writing Credits: A.E. Coleby; Sax Rohmer (story); Frank Wilson
    Cinematography by D.P. Cooper
    1. "The Scented Envelopes"
    2. "The West Case"
    3. "The Clue of the Pigtail"
    4. "The Call of Siva"
    5. "The Miracle"
    6. "The Fungi Cellars"
    7. "The Knocking on the Door"
    8. "The Cry of the Nighthawk"
    9. "Aaron's Rod"
    10. "The Fiery Hand"
    11. "The Man with the Limp"
    12. "The Queen of Hearts "
    13. "The Silver Buddha"
    14. "The Sacred Order"
    15. "The Shrine of the Seven Lamps"
    H. Agar Lyons as Dr. Fu Manchu
    Fred Paul as Nayland Smith
    Joan Clarkson as Karamaneh
    Humberston Wright as Dr. Petrie
    Frank Wilson as Inspector Weymouth
    Wingold Lawrence as Frank West
    Ernest Spaulding as Shen Yan
    Stacey Gaunt as Lord Southery
    Napier Burry as Henderson
    Austin Leigh as Valet
    Pat Royale as Aziz
    W.G. Saunders as James Weymouth
    H. Cundall as Forsyth
    Percy Standing as Abel Slattin
    Bob Vallis as Busker
    Roy Raymond as Sergeant Fletcher
    Fred Raynham as Sir Frazer
    Julie Suedo as Zarmi
    D. Bland as Logan
    E. Lewis Waller as Salaman
    Percy Clarbour as Inspector Wills
    Laurie Leslie as Dacoit
    H. Manning as Mandarin

    H. Lyons Agar as Fu Manchu
  • "The Further Mysteries of Dr. Fu Manchu" - Stoll Picture Productions (1924) (UK)
    Series of 8 B&W silent shorts, each with a self-contained story
    Directed by Fred Paul
    Writing Credits: Fred Paul; Sax Rohmer (story)
    Series sequence uncertain - listed alphabetically.
    • "The Cafe L'Egypte"
    • "The Coughing Horror"
    • "Cragmire Tower"
    • "The Golden Pomegranates"
    • "The Green Mist"
    • "Greywater Park"
    • "Karamaneh"
    • "The Midnight Summons"
    H. Agar Lyons as Dr. Fu Manchu
    Fred Paul as Nayland Smith
    Dorinea Shirley as Karamaneh
    Humberston Wright as Dr. Petrie
    Fred Morgan as Antonio Strozza
    Johnny Butt as Farmer
    Harry Rignold as Coughing Horror
    George Foley as Hagar
    Rolf Leslie as Van Room
    Frank Wilson as Inspector Weymouth
    Julie Suedo as Zarmi
    Fred Hearn as Waiter

    Movie Poster for The Mysterious of Dr. Fu Manchu
  • "The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu" - Paramount (1929) - B&W - Sound
    During the Boxer Rebellion, benevolent scientist Dr. Fu Manchu saves the life of little Lia Eltham; but soon after, his own wife and child are killed by the allied troops. Still in shock, he vows to kill an allied officer for each bloodstain on the sacred tapestry-dragon and proceeds in his plan by hypnotizing the now grown Lia to do his bidding. Under Fu's spell, Lia meets and falls in love with Jack Petrie, grandson of an officer whom Fu is determined to kill. The grandfather is mysteriously murdered, and Jack and his father go to their country home, where Fu finds them and kills the elder Petrie. In the meantime, Jack has warned Lia of Fu's nefarious deeds, and both are saved from the doctor's treacherous hands by Lia's kindly Chinese servant.
    Directed by Rowland V. Lee as (uncredited)
    Writing Credits: Lloyd Corrigan (dialogue & screenplay); Joseph L. Mankiewicz (titles, uncredited); George Marion Jr. (uncredited); Sax Rohmer (story); Florence Ryerson (dialogue & screenplay)
    Cast (in credits order)
    Warner Oland as Dr. Fu Manchu
    Neil Hamilton as Dr. Jack Petrie
    Jean Arthur as Lia Eltham
    O.P. Heggie as Insp. Nayland Smith
    William Austin as Sylvester Wadsworth
    Claude King as Sir John Petrie
    Charles A. Stevenson as Gen. Petrie
    Evelyn Selbie as Fai Lu
    Noble Johnson as Li Po
    Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
    Winter Blossom as Fu Mela (as Laska Winter)
    Uncredited Cast: Lawford Davidson as Clarkson; Chappell Dossett as Reverend Mr. Eltham; Charles Giblyn as Weymouth; Donald MacKenzie as Trent; Tully Marshall as Ambassador; William J. O'Brien as Servant; Charles Stevens as Singh

    Movie Poster for The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu
  • "The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu" - Paramount (1930) - B&W
    Having apparently committed suicide from ingesting poison in The Mysterious Dr. Fu Manchu , though merely in a state of cataleptic suspension induced by a secret potion, the nefarious Chinese physician is declared dead by Inspector Nayland Smith. Having sworn vengeance on the English families responsible for the death of his wife and son in the Boxer Rebellion, Fu goes to an English estate of the Bartleys, where their nephew, Jack Petrie, is about to marry Lia Eltham: Fai Lu, Lia's Chinese servant, dies mysteriously, and Lia and Lady Agatha are abducted. Fu requests that Jack appear on the moors to save Lia, and Smith, disguised as Jack, attempts the mission and is taken to a deserted dyeworks via airplane. Fu escapes the police, though paralyzed by a bullet wound, and forces Jack to operate on him while Lia is put into a trance. Fu bargains with Smith and his detectives for his freedom but is killed in his attempt to escape.
    Directed by Rowland V. Lee
    Writing Credits: Sax Rohmer (novel); Lloyd Corrigan and Florence Ryerson (adaptation and scenario)
    Warner Oland as Dr. Fu Manchu
    O.P. Heggie as Inspector Nayland Smith
    Jean Arthur as Lia Eltham
    Neil Hamilton as Dr. Jack Petrie
    Evelyn Hall as Lady Agatha Bartley
    William Austin as Sylvester Wadsworth
    Margaret Fealy as Lady Helen Bartley
    Shayle Gardner as Detective Harding
    Evelyn Selbie as Fai Lu
    Uncredited Cast: Ambrose Barker as Camden, the Reporter; Nora Cecil as Curious Passerby at Fu's Funeral; David Dunbar as Detective Lawrence; Bill Elliott as Wedding Guest; Toyo Fujita as Ah Ling; Olaf Hytten as Deacon at Wedding; Tetsu Komai as Chang; Will Stanton as Curious Passerby at Fu's Funeral

    Movie Poster for Daughter of the Dragon
  • "Daughter of the Dragon" - Paramount (1930) - B&W
    In London, Ronald Petrie and his fiancée, Joan Marshall, meet celebrated Chinese dancer Princess Ling Moy and discover that her manager Morloff lives next to them. At the same time, Chinese detective Ah Kee has traced Fu Manchu to London, even though Fu Manchu was reported dead twenty years earlier. On his advice, Scotland Yard warns the Petrie family, against whom Fu Manchu had sworn vengeance. Fu Manchu infiltrates the Petrie house, however, and kills Ronald's father Sir John. Mortally wounded by Ah Kee, Fu Manchu escapes through a secret tunnel into the home of Morloff, who is his comrade. Before he dies, Fu Manchu reveals to Ling Moy that she is his daughter and commissions her to complete his revenge against the Petries, whom he wrongly blames for the death of his wife and son. Although Ling Moy has fallen in love with Ronald, she attempts to kill him, with the help of Morloff's servant, Lu Chung, but they are thwarted by Ah Kee and the butler, Rogers, who are unable to identify the figures fleeing in the dark house. Unaware of Ling Moy's relation to Fu Manchu, Ah Kee has fallen in love with her, and he beseeches her to return to China with him. Ah Kee, however, is held prisoner by Ling Moy and Morloff after he discovers his wine is drugged, and Ling Moy reveals her heritage. Ronald and Joan are then held captive in Morloff's basement, and Ling Moy prepares to torture Joan with acid unless Ronald kills her himself. Bound in a turret, Ah Kee sees Sir Basil Courtney of Scotland Yard on the grounds and leaps out of a window to warn him of Ronald's danger. Ling Moy escapes into the Petrie house, and Rogers and Ronald rush there, finally aware of the passageways. Rogers shoots Morloff's dangerous chinese servant, Lu Chung, when he emerges, and Ronald grabs Ling Moy. She is about to kill him, however, when Ah Kee, although severely wounded from his fall, shoots her, then dies next to the woman he loved.
    Directed by Lloyd Corrigan
    Writing Credits: Lloyd Corrigan and Monte M. Katterjohn (adaptation); Sax Rohmer (novel "Daughter of Fu Manchu"); Sidney Buchman (dialogue); Jane Storm (continuity, uncredited)
    Anna May Wong as Ling Moy
    Warner Oland as Fu Manchu
    Sessue Hayakawa as Ah Kee
    Bramwell Fletcher as Ronald Petrie
    Frances Dade as Joan Marshall
    Holmes Herbert as Sir John Petrie
    Lawrence Grant as Sir Basil Courtney
    Harold Minjir as Rogers
    Nicholas Soussanin as Morloff
    E. Alyn Warren as Lu Chung
    Uncredited Cast: Oie Chan as Amah; Olaf Hytten as Flinders the Butler; Tetsu Komai as Lao; George Kuwa as Sing Lee; Harrington Reynolds as Hobbs; Nella Walker as Lady Petrie

    Movie Poster for The Mask ofFu Manchu
  • "The Mask of Fu Manchu" - MGM (1932) - B&W - For Sale
    Sir Lionel Barton must find the tomb of Genghis Khan before it is discovered by Fu Manchu, who will use its contents for his own evil purposes. Sir Lionel is kidnapped by Fu's emissaries. Sir Lionel's daughter Sheila tells Smith that she plans to search for the tomb herself. Meanwhile, at Fu's headquarters in the Far East, the doctor tries to cajole and bribe Sir Lionel to reveal the secret and even offers him his daughter, Fah Lo See, but Sir Lionel refuses. While Sir Lionel then undergoes Fu's fiendish "torture of the bell," Sheila and the men of the expedition find the tomb. When the group meets up with Smith, he warns them that Fu may strike at any moment, hoping to gain possession of the sword and mask of Genghis Khan, which were found in the tomb. Terrence Granville, Sheila's fiancé, finds a human hand wearing Sir Lionel's ring, after which one of Fu's underlings invites him to meet Fu. Though Terry knows it is foolish, he agrees to go to Fu's headquarters, carrying the sword and mask. Fah Lo See, who is attracted to Terry, orders her father's men to whip him when the sword turns out not to be genuine. She wants to make love to him later but is stopped by Fu, who has other things in mind for Terry. Fu then has Sir Lionel's body delivered to the expedition's compound and Smith sadly reveals that he had made the phony relics to fool Fu. Smith tells his colleague, Von Berg, that he must go away, then enters an opium den, where he sees a man with the dragon tattoo of Fu on his shoulder. Smith follows the man and finds the secret entrance to Fu's headquarters. After Fu discovers Smith, Smith demands the release of Terry just as Terry is about to be injected by Fu with a serum that will make him totally subject to the doctor's will. Fu prepares the serum and tells Terry that it is the smallest dose, so that he will be himself again for Fah Lo See. Soon Terry, under the influence of the drug, goes to Sheila. Sheila suspects that Terry has been drugged when he blankly asks for the real sword and mask but she and Von Berg still go with him and are captured by Fu's men. At Fu's headquarters, Sheila sees Fah Lo See with Terry and tries to get him out of his stupor. He does awaken but Fu orders Sheila taken away and prepared as a human sacrifice to the gods. The next morning, as Sheila lies on the sacrificial table, Smith breaks free from his crocodile infested cell and frees Terry. Together they then free Von Berg and tamper with Fu's electricity machine, sending an electrical charge to the sword, apparently killing Fu. While Terry rescues Sheila, Smith and Von Berg use the machine to electrocute Fu's men. On the boat back to England, Smith decides to throw the evil sword overboard.
    Directed by Charles Brabin, Charles Vidor (uncredited)
    Writing Credits: Irene Kuhn, Edgar Allan Woolf, John Willard (screen play); Sax Rohmer (from the story by)
    Boris Karloff as Dr. Fu Manchu
    Lewis Stone as Nayland Smith
    Karen Morley as Sheila
    Charles Starrett as Terrence Granville
    Myrna Loy as Fah Lo See
    Jean Hersholt as Von Berg
    Lawrence Grant as Sir Lionel Barton
    David Torrence as McLeod
    Uncredited Cast: Everett Brown as Slave; Steve Clemente as Knife Thrower; Willie Fung as Ships Steward; Ferdinand Gottschalk as British Museum Official; Allen Jung as Coolie; Tetsu Komai as Swordsman; James B. Leong as Guest; Oswald Marshall as Undetermined Role; Chris-Pin Martin as Potentate; Lal Chand Mehra as Indian Prince; Edward Peil Sr. as Coolie Spy; Clinton Rosemond as Slave; C. Montague Shaw as Curator Dr. Fairgyle - British Museum Official; E. Alyn Warren as Goy Lo Sung - Fu Manchu Messenger

    Movie Poster for The Drums Of Fu Manchu
  • "Drums of Fu Manchu" - Republic (1940) - B&W - For Sale
    15-episode serial, later edited and released as a feature film in 1943
    Fu Manchu, leader of the Si Fan, schemes to foment revolution in Asia as the first step in his plot to achieve world domination. Fu's evil designs are carried out by a gang of bald and robotic henchmen, each of whom bears a scar on his forehead as a result of Fu's surgical brain alterations. Fu is aided by his daughter Fah-Lo-Suee, an evil seductress who lures men to their doom with the help of powerful incense. To succeed in his plot, Fu must locate and secure the lost sceptre of Genghis Khan, for only then will the Asiatic hill tribes accept him as their leader and follow him into war against the British forces. Although Nayland Smith pursues Fu halfway around the globe, the Si Fan gang succeed in murdering all who attempt to thwart them, including the eminent archaeologist Professor Parker, who had studied an ancient tablet known as the Dalai Plaque in order to solve the mystery of the sceptre's location in Genghis Khan's massive tomb. Parker's son Allan joins forces with Smith, and eventually they are aided by Mary Randolph, whose father was the curator of the museum from which the Dalai Plaque was subsequently stolen by Fu's henchmen. Fu succeeds in translating the tablet and discovers the precise location of the sceptre. Followed by Smith, Allan and Mary, Fu travels to the Himalayan tomb of Genghis Khan, finds the sceptre and prepares to make use of its power, but is confronted by the intrepid Smith and Allan. After a number of narrow escapes from the wrath of Fu, Allan recovers the sceptre and proves to the Asiatic tribesmen that Fu's power is an illusion. Smith presents the sceptre to the British colonial government, and the rebellious hill people, seeing the sceptre in the hands of the legitimate power, immediately become tranquil.
    Directed by John English, William Witney

    1. Fu Manchu Strikes (29min 18s)
    2. The Monster (17min 39s)
    3. Ransom in the Sky (17min 38s)
    4. The Pendulum of Doom (16min 49s)
    5. The House of Terror (17min 23s)
    6. Death Dials a Number (17min 43s)
    7. Vengeance of the Si Fan (18min 15s)
    8. Danger Trail (16min 48s)
    9. The Crystal of Death (16min 54s)
    10. Drums of Doom (17min 11s)
    11. The Tomb of Genghis Khan (16min 59s)
    12. Fire of Vengeance (16min 39s)
    13. The Devil's Tattoo (16min 47s)
    14. Satan's Surgeon (16min 40s)
    15. Revolt! (16min 45s)
    Henry Brandon as Dr. Fu Manchu
    William Royle as Sir Dennis Nayland Smith
    Robert Kellard as Allan Parker
    Gloria Franklin as Fah-Lo-Suee
    Olaf Hytten as Dr. Flinders Petrie
    Tom Chatterton as Prof. Edward Randolph
    Luana Walters as Mary Franklin
    Lal Chand Mehra as Sirdar Prahni, high priest [Chs.9-10]
    George Cleveland as Dr. James Parker [Ch.1]
    John Dilson as Prof. Ezra Howard [Chs.5-6]
    John Merton as Loki
    Dwight Frye as Prof. Anderson [Ch.5]
    Wheaton Chambers as Dr. Humphrey [Chs.2-3]
    George Pembroke as C.W. Crawford - Si Fan member [Chs.1,4,7-8]
    Guy D'Ennery as Ranah Sang, Si Fan member [Chs.1,7]
    Movie Poster for The Drums Of Fu Manchu Uncredited Cast: Lowden Adams as Blake, Randolph's Assistant [Ch. 1]; Philip Ahn as Dr. Chang [Ch.4]; John Bagni as Dangra - Spy at Fort [Ch.8]; Ann Baldwin as Miss Frisbie - Winchester's Secretary [Ch.1]; Robert Blair as Police Sergeant at Randolph's [Ch. 1]; George Bruggeman as Fort Telegrapher [Ch.13]; Budd Buster as Dacoit 2 on Train [Chs.1-2]; Tommy Coats as Dacoit 13 in Asia [Chs.9-12]; Victor Cox as Tartar [Chs. 14-15]; Joe De Stefani as High Lhama [Ch.15]; Art Dillard as Dacoit 7 at Headquarters [Chs.3-6]; Bert Dillard as Dacoit 16 in Fu Manchu's Hut [Ch.14-15]; Akim Dobrynin as Solar Mirror Native [Ch.9]; Frank Ellis as Tartar [Chs. 14-15]; James Fawcett as Dacoit; James Flatley as Pegai, Dacoit 4 [Chs.1-2]; Augie Gomez as Wax Museum Dacoit; Jennifer Gray as Stewardess [Ch.6]; Duke Green as Clay Street Dacoit 6 [Ch. 2]; Alan Gregg as Dacoit 5 Pilot [Chs.1, 3-4]; Jamiel Hasson as Tribal Chieftain, Si-Fan member [Chs.12-148]; John Lester Johnson as Cardo, Howard's Servant [Ch.5]; John Judd as Dacoit 17 in Fu Manchu's Hut [Chs.14-15]; Edward Kaye as Dacoit 3 on Wires [Ch.1]; Bert LeBaron as Railroad Fireman [Chs.1-2]; James B. Leong as Chinese Si Fan Member [Chs.1,4,7-8,14]; Eric Lonsdale as Sentry [Ch.8]; Paul Marion as Si-Fan Messenger at Hotel [Ch.7]; Merrill McCormick as Koomerow's Aide [Ch.13, background]; John Meredith as Fort Gate Sentry [Ch. 13]; Tofik Mickey as Hindu Si Fan Member [Chs.1,4,7-8,14]; Jack Montgomery as Cleanshaven Villainous Native [Chs.13-14]; Norman Nesbitt as Wally Winchester [Ch. 1]; Bill Nind as Lhama's Telegrapher [Ch.13]; Tony Paton as Temple Guard [Chs.9-10]; Charles Phillips as Railroad Mail Car Clerk [Ch.1]; John Picorri as Prof. Krantz [Ch.6]; Paul Renay as Nihala Tribe Chief Kandhar [Chs.14-15]; Vinegar Roan as Dacoit 11 in Temple, Killed by Arrow [Chs.9-10]; Jack Roper as Dacoit 10 Looking in Window [Ch.4]; Hector Sarno as Scarred Native; Ernest Sarracino as Dowlah Rao - Arrested Dacoit 9 [Ch.5]; Carl Sepulveda as Moustached Villainous Native [Chs.13-14]; Lee Shumway as Police Lieutenant Corrigan at Wax Museum [Ch.5]; Robert R. Stephenson as Tartar Si Fan Member [Chs.1,4,7-8,14]; Walter Stiritz as Koomerow's Aide [Ch.13, background]; Harry Strang as Police Lt. Wade at Winchester's Office [Ch.1]; George Suzanne as Dacoit; Al Taylor as Dacoit 8 at Headquarters, Howard's and Lee's [Chs.4-6]; Ken Terrell as Shanghai St. / Wax Museum Dacoit 18 [Chs. 1, 5]; Evan Thomas as Maj. Carlton [Chs.8,13-15]; Kam Tong as Crawford's Manservant [Ch.7]; Michael Vallon as Temple Guard [Chs.9-10]; Francis Walker as Koomerow, Lhama's Emissary [Ch.13]; John Ward as British Consul Wilson [Ch.7]; Frank Wayne as Dacoit 14 with Microphone [Chs.10-12]; Ted Wells as Dacoit 15 Wearing Hat [Chs. 11-13]; Bill Wilkus as Dacoit 12 in Temple [Chs.9-10]; Henry Wills as Tartar [Chs. 14-15]; Bob Woodward as Tribesman; Bill Yrigoyen as Hillsman with Knife [Chs.12-13]; Joe Yrigoyen as Dacoit

    Movie Poster for The Face Of Fu Manchu
  • "The Face of Fu Manchu" Seven Arts Pictures (1965) - For Sale
    In London, Fu Manchu and his evil daughter, Lin Tang, kidnap Professor Muller, a German biochemist who has distilled a new, highly lethal gas from the seeds of a Tibetan poppy. In a radio broadcast, Fu announces that he intends to use the poison gas to gain world domination. The professor's daughter, Maria, informs Nayland Smith of her father's abduction, thus confirming Smith's suspicion that Fu masterminded the kidnaping, despite seeing Fu beheaded several years earlier. Fu kidnaps Maria to force Muller to produce more gas, whereupon Muller insists that to do so he needs some papers located in the British Museum in the possession of Professor Gaskell. Carl Jansen, Professor Muller's assistant who has also been kidnapped, escapes from his captors and warns Smith that Fu's men intend to break into the British Museum. The papers are not found so Fu hypnotizes Gaskell, abducts him, and forces him to work with Muller. To show the effect of the poison gas, Fu poisons an entire village. Smith loods Fu's hideout in a tunnel under the Thames and rescues Maria, only to learn that Fu has escaped and taken Muller hostage. Guessing that thehe is bound for Tibet to collect more poppy seeds, Smith lays a trap for him. Muller is rescued, and Fu, Lin Tang, and the rest of the gang presumably perish in an explosion.
    Director: Don Sharp
    Writers: Sax Rohmer (characters), Harry Alan Towers (screenplay)
    Christopher Lee as Fu Manchu
    Nigel Green as Nayland Smith
    Joachim Fuchsberger as Carl Jannsen
    Karin Dor as Maria Muller
    James Robertson Justice as Sir Charles
    Howard Marion Crawford as Dr. Petrie
    Tsai Chin as Lin Tang
    Walter Rilla as Prof. Muller
    Harry Brogan as Prof. Gaskell
    Poulet Tu as Lotus
    Archie O'Sullivan as Chamberlain
    Edwin Richfield as Chief Magistrate
    Joe Lynch as Custodian
    Peter Mossbacher as Hanumon
    Eric Young as Grand Lama
    Deborah De Lacey as Slave Girl
    Jim Norton as Mathius
    Jack O'Reilly as Constable
    Peter Mayock as Soldier
    Aiden Grennell as Security Guard
    Ray Mackin as Soldier
    Kevin Flood as Traffic Policeman
    John Franklin as Morgue Attendant
    Conor Evans as River Police Officer
    Derek Young as Village Official

    Movie Poster for The Brides Of Fu Manchu
  • "The Brides of Fu Manchu" Seven Arts Pictures (1966) - For Sale
    As part of his plan for world domination, Fu has kidnapped the daughters of 12 political or industrial figures. Nayland Smith and Dr. Petrie are unable to prevent the kidnaping of Marie Lentz, a famed scientist's daughter, who is brought to Fu's North African headquarters in the Sahara, where Fu possesses a death ray. Smith, Dr. Petrie, and Marie's fiancé, Franz Baumer, make their way to Fu's temple but the death ray apparatus has already been set on a destructive course. Fu's "brides" barricade the doors against him and assist Smith and Dr. Petrie in resetting the death ray's tracking device and the temple explodes after they have escaped. As he watches, Smith believes he hears the words, "the world will hear from me again," coming to him across the desert.
    Director: Don Sharp
    Writing Credits: Sax Rohmer as (characters); Don Sharp as (uncredited); Harry Alan Towers as (as Peter Welbeck)
    Christopher Lee as Fu Manchu
    Douglas Wilmer as Sir Dennis Nayland Smith
    Heinz Drache as Franz Baumer
    Marie Versini as Marie Lentz
    Howard Marion Crawford as Dr. Petrie
    Tsai Chin as Lin Tang
    Rupert Davies as Jules Merlin
    Kenneth Fortescue as Sergeant Spicer
    Joseph Fürst as Otto Lentz
    Roger Hanin as Inspector Pierre Grimaldi
    Harald Leipnitz as Nikki Sheldon
    Carole Gray as Michel Merlin
    Burt Kwouk as Feng
    Salmaan Peer as Abdul
    Eric Young as Control Assistant
    Wendy Gifford as Louise
    Poulet Tu as Lotus
    Danni Shersdan as Shiva Ramchand
    Denis Holmes as Constable
    Maureen Beck as Nurse Brown
    Michael Chow as Guard
    Christopher Kum as Wireless Operator
    Tommy Yapp as Dacoit
    Uncredited Cast: Ulla Berglin as Fu Manchu's Slave; Nicholas Courtney as Sergeant; Danielle Defrčre as Fu Manchu's Slave; Evelyne Dhéliat as Fu Manchu's Slave; Yvonne Ekmann as Danish Girl; Anje Langstraat as Dutch Bride; David Lawton as Man; Katerina Quest as Fu Manchu's Slave; Christine Rau as Fu Manchu's Slave; Gaby Schär as Fu Manchu's Slave; Lucille Soong as Ling / Bride

    Movie Poster for The Vengence Of Fu Manchu
  • "The Vengence of Fu Manchu" Warner Bros.--Seven Arts, Inc. (1967) - For Sale
    Nayland Smith is in Paris helping to set up INTERPOL. Meanwhile, the supposedly dead Fu Manchu returns to his ancestral palace in China with his daughter Lin Tang and plots the formation of an international crime syndicate. He begins by kidnaping a famous surgeon, Dr. Lieberson, and his daughter Maria, whom he threatens to kill unless the doctor transforms the face of a prisoner into the likeness of Smith. In Hong Kong, Mafia leader Rudy Moss is negotiating with other leading criminals to assist Fu but his activities are being monitored by Shanghai police. When the real Smith is abducted and brought to Fu's palace, his double is shipped to London where, under a hypnotic trance, he murders Smith's Chinese servant. The double is then sentenced to the gallows and Fu makes plans to synchronize Smith's own death with the time of the execution. The surveillance of Moss has revealed Fu's scheme, however, and Hong Kong Inspector Ramos and FBI agent Mark Weston fight their way into Fu's palace to rescue the prisoners. The palace explodes, but from the ruins comes the voice of Fu promising that he will be heard from again.
    Director: Jeremy Summers
    Writers: Sax Rohmer (characters), Harry Alan Towers
    Christopher Lee as Dr. Fu Manchu
    Douglas Wilmer as Nayland Smith
    Tsai Chin as Lin Tang
    Horst Frank as Rudy / Ronald "Ronny" Moss
    Wolfgang Kieling as Dr. Lieberson
    Maria Rohm as Ingrid Swenson
    Howard Marion-Crawford as Dr. Petrie
    Peter Carsten as Kurt Heller
    Suzanne Roquette as Maria Lieberson
    Noel Trevarthen as Mark Weston
    Tony Ferrer as Insp. Ramos
    Mona Chong as Jasmin
    Uncredited Cast: Eddie Byrne as Ship's Captain; Samantha Jones as Ingrid Swenson (singing voice); Burt Kwouk as Man

    Movie Poster for The Blood Of Fu Manchu
  • "The Blood of Fu Manchu" Commonwealth United Entertainment, Inc. (1968) - For Sale
    From his Brazilian underground fortress Fu Manchu dispatches 10 native women, each injected with a deadly snake poison, to give their kiss of death his enemies, among them some of the world's most powerful figures. Celeste goes to London to assassinate Fu's longtime adversary, Nayland Smith, but she succeeds only in blinding him and is run down by a truck while attempting to flee. As Smith and Dr. Petrie prepare to go to South America to find a cure for Smith and to destroy Fu. Fu Manchu kidnap renegade bandit and gang leader Sancho Lopez and through torture extracts the bandit's promise to kill Smith. The Fu sends Carmen, who has been injected with the snake poison, with Sancho; her instructions are to kill Sancho once he has killed Smith. Carl Jansen, an undercover agent for Smith, joins Ursula, a nurse ministering to the natives, and they rendezvous with Smith and Dr. Petrie to decide how to destroy Fu. Carl, Dr. Petrie, and Ursula set off into the jungle, leaving Smith behind. Ursula and Dr. Petrie are captured by Sancho and taken to Fu's underground headquarters but Carmen frees them. Ursula, Dr. Petrie, and Carmen hurry back to Smith when it is learned that Carmen's blood may contain an antidote with which to cure Smith's blindness. A transfusion is effected, Smith is cured, and he and Dr. Petrie return to the underground fortress to rescue Carl, who, having rigged the fortress with dynamite charges, has been overpowered by dacoits. Smith frees Carl, and they and Petrie light the dynamite charges. A series of explosions destroys the fortress, but from the rubble comes the voice of Fu Manchu promising that the world will hear from him again.
    Directed by Jesús Franco as (as Jess Franco)
    Writing Credits: Jesús Franco (as J. Franco), Manfred R. Köhler (uncredited), Harry Alan Towers (as Peter Welbeck) (story and screenplay); Sax Rohmer as (novels)
    Christopher Lee as Fu Manchu
    Richard Greene as Nayland Smith
    Howard Marion Crawford as Dr. Petrie
    Götz George as Carl Jansen
    Maria Rohm as Ursula Wagner
    Ricardo Palacios as Sancho Lopez
    Loni von Friedl as Celeste
    Frances Khan as Carmen
    Tsai Chin as Lin Tang
    Isaura de Oliveira as Yuma
    Shirley Eaton as Black Widow
    Uncredited Cast: Marcelo Arroita-Jáuregui as The Governor; Olívia Pineschi as One of Fu's Girl; Vicente Roca as Governor's Secretary; Francesca Tu as Lotus

    Movie Poster for The Castle Of Fu Manchu
  • "The Castle of Fu Manchu" Towers Of London Films Ltd. (1969) - For Sale
    Fu Manchu plots to freeze the world's oceans. With his evil daughter, Lin Tang, his army of thugs and the help of the local crime organization led by Omar Pasha (later doublecrossed by Fu), Fu takes over the governor's castle in Istanbul to control the largest opium port in Anatolia. He imprisoned a scientist with an ailing heart, so he kidnaps a doctor and his wife to give him a heart transplant from one of his obedient servants.
    Directed by Jesús Franco as (as Jess Franco)
    Writing Credits: Jaime Jesús Balcázar as (dialogue: Spanish version); Manfred Barthel as (story & screenplay); Michael Haller as (uncredited in English version); Sax Rohmer as (characters) Harry Alan Towers as (screenplay) (as Peter Welbeck)
    Christopher Lee as Fu Manchu
    Richard Greene as Nayland Smith
    Howard Marion Crawford as Doctor Petrie
    Gunther Stoll as Curt
    Rosalba Neri as Lisa
    Maria Perschy as Marie
    Jose Manuel Martín as Omar Pashu
    Werner Aprelat as Melnik
    Tsai Chin as Lin Tang
    Uncredited Cast: Jesús Franco as Inspector Ahmet; Osvaldo Genazzani as Sir Robert; Burt Kwouk as Feno; Gustavo Re as Professor Heracles; Gene Reyes as Ahmet's Aide

Fu Manchu TV Show
Chinese Dragon
Fu Manchu TV Show
The Adventures of Dr. Fu Manchu
In 1956 a syndicated 13 episode series was produced by the Republic Pictures subsidiary, Hollywood Television Service.
Each episode starts off with Fu Manchu and Nayland Smith playing chess with a narrator intoning "It is said the Devil plays for men's souls. So does Dr. Fu Manchu, Satan himself, evil incarnate." At the end of each episode, after Fu's latest fiendish scheme has been foiled, he is seen breaking a black chess piece as the closing credits roll. You can watch an episode here.

Glen Gordon as Dr. Fu Manchu
Lester Matthews as Sir Denis Nayland Smith
Clark Howat as Dr. John Petrie
Carla Balenda as Nurse Betty Leonard
Laurette Luez as Karamaneh
John George as Kolb
Leonard Strong as Professor Hugh Yan
Morris Ankrum as Professor Rutledge
Steven Geray as Otto Helgaard
Rick Vallin as Morgan
Jean Willes as Ann Judson
Keye Luke as Lum Sen
Stuart Randall as Daniels
John Bryant as Franklin Arnold Jr.
Philip Van Zandt as Manson
Charles Meredith as Baldwin
Ted de Corsia as Big Syd Vesta
Milton Parsons as Mardel
Eve Miller as Tara
Mimi Gibson as Maggie
Paul Birch as General
Charles Evans as Health Department Official
Herbert C. Lytton as Doctor Scott
Marjorie Bennett as Chatty Woman
Mark Dana as Clyde Johnson
Frank Gerstle as Ivan Thor
Mel Welles as Rudick
  1. The Prisoner of Dr. Fu Manchu - Sept. 3 1956
  2. The Golden God of Dr. Fu Manchu - Sept 10 1956
  3. The Secret of Fu Manchu - Sept 17 1956
  4. The Vengeance of Dr. Fu Manchu - Sept 24 1956
  5. Dr. Fu Manchu, Incorporated - Oct 1 1956
  6. The Plague of Dr. Fu Manchu - Oct 8 1956
  7. The Slave of Dr. Fu Manchu - Oct 15 1956
  8. Dr. Fu Manchu's Raid - Oct 22 1956
  9. The Death Ships of Dr. Fu Manchu - Oct 29 1956
  10. The Counterfeiters of Dr. Fu Manchu - Nov 5 1956
  11. The Master Plan of Dr. Fu Manchu - Nov 12 1956
  12. The Satellites of Dr. Fu Manchu - Nov 19 1956
  13. The Assassins of Dr. Fu Manchu - Nov 26 1956

Chinese Dragon
Comic Books
Fu Manchu Comic Book Fu Manchu Comic Book Fu Manchu Comic Book

Chinese Dragon
Fu Sale
zayat kiss
The Zayat Kiss / The Severed Fingers - For Sale
Sax Rohmer (Author), Tom Mason (Editor)
Illustrated by Leo O'Mealia
2 Complete 1930's comic strips!

"The Mask of Fu Manchu" (1932) - For Sale

"Drums of Fu Manchu" (1940) - For Sale

"The Face of Fu Manchu" (1965) - For Sale

"The Brides of Fu Manchu" (1966) - For Sale

"The Vengence of Fu Manchu" (1967) - For Sale

"The Blood of Fu Manchu" (1968) - For Sale

"The Castle of Fu Manchu" (1969) - For Sale

Fu Manchu DVD
"The Mystery of Dr. Fu-Manchu" (1913) - For Sale

"The Return of Dr Fu-Manchu" (1916) - For Sale

"The Hand of Fu Manchu" (1917) - For Sale

"Daughter of Fu Manchu" (1931) - For Sale

"The Mask of Fu Manchu" (1932) - For Sale

"The Bride of Fu Manchu" (1933) - For Sale

"The Trail of Fu Manchu" (1934) - For Sale

"President Fu Manchu" (1936) - For Sale

"The Drums of Fu Manchu" (1939) - For Sale

"The Island of Fu Manchu" (1941) - For Sale

The Shadow of Fu Manchu" (1948) - For Sale

"Re-Enter: Fu Manchu" (1957) - For Sale

"Emperor Fu Manchu" (1959) - For Sale

"The Wrath of Fu Manchu" (1973) - For Sale

"Ten Years Beyond Baker Street" (1984) - For Sale

"The Fires of Fu Manchu" (1987) - For Sale

"The Terror of Fu Manchu" (2009) - For Sale

"The Destiny of Fu Manchu" (2012) - For Sale

Fu Manchu Book

The Yellow Peril: Dr. Fu Manchu and the Rise of Chinaphobia by Christopher Frayling (2014) - For Sale
Yellow Peril
An entirely new perspective on current scaremongering about China's global ambitions, and on the Western media's ignorance of Chinese culture.
A hundred years ago, a character who was to enter the bloodstream of 20th-century popular culture made his first appearance in the world of literature. In his day he became as well known as Count Dracula or Sherlock Holmes: he was the evil genius called Dr. Fu Manchu, described at the beginning of the first story in which he appeared as "the yellow peril incarnate in one man."
Why did the idea that the Chinese were a threat to Western civilization develop at precisely the time when China was in chaos, divided against itself, the victim of successive famines and utterly incapable of being a "peril" to anyone even if it had wanted to be? Even the author of the Dr. Fu Manchu novels, Sax Rohmer, acknowledged that China, "as a nation possess that elusive thing, poise."
And what do the Chinese themselves make of all this? Is it any wonder that they remember what we have carelessly forgotten-the opium wars; the "unfair treaties" that ceded Hong Kong and the New Territories; and the stereotyping of Chinese people in allegedly factual studies?
Here cultural historian Christopher Frayling takes us to the heart of popular culture in the music hall, pulp literature, and the mass-market press, and shows how film amplifies our assumptions.
60 illustrations in color and black-and-white

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